Please review this intro post, too:

**This is a housing forum but we do not provide legal advice.** 

1. Paul Collins, Rob Thompson, Drew Collins, Michelle Gooley, Lorraine Amos, Alyssa Marks, Jackie Bonneville, Caroline Woods and Whitney Elliott are licensed real estate agents in Colorado. Shanna Collins is an unlicensed assistant and/or admin and marketing assistant. We all want to help but unless specifically stated, we don’t represent anyone posting their private homes for rent or sale. Unless specifically stated, we assume no responsibility or agency for the properties listed. 
2: If you are an agent outside of The Agency, please do not request to join this group without the consent of Paul Collins or Rob Thompson. Outside agents are not authorized to join without permission as doing so constitutes a misrepresentation of position and ability to counsel the public regarding housing as you are doing so under the banner of The Agency.
3: If you do not explicitly have the owner’s authorization to post a property for sale or rent, please do not post it here. 

4. Don’t threaten anyone. Some properties get multiple offers really quick. We will ban anyone reported to have made threats to another member, as well as turn the information over to the authorities (ain’t got time for craziness!). 

5. Please don’t plug other agents. We spend a lot of time helping folks here and building the community. Please give us a chance to help you and earn your business. 

6. When you post for a rental, please include your target price. 

7. Our goal here is to help match people to homes. Please refrain from posting negative reviews of local businesses. For that, please visit

8. We ask for your email address and housing requirements so that we may connect with you via that medium with MLS and property listings.

9. Please do not post your credit scores.  

If you are looking to buy or sell in Colorado Springs, we would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business! 

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